Providing Operational Insight

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  • Step 1: Design and Build

    NewNet Services works closely with customers to understand their unique technology requirements.

    To succeed in a sophisticated services industry and retain customers, businesses must operate efficiently, maintain competitive margins, and manage numerous custom business processes.

    NewNet Services and our partners provide an ecosystem of expertise, software solutions and support to help you succeed.

  • Step 2: Deploy

    It is essential for companies to deploy systems that ensure efficiency. We provide state-of-the-art services and tools to reduce the pain-points and amplify business optimization.

  • Step 3: Deliver

    It's all about margins.

    Reducing cost of delivery will equate to an increase in profits.

    NewNet's Process Optimization Engine (POE) system reduces cost of delivery by taking advantage of all automation opportunities physically and technological possible. From simple provisioning and notification to complex integration with Mobile Devices, NewNet's POE System will stream-line and automate your delivery processes.

  • Step 4: Monitor and Measure

    Everyone knows customer support and satisfaction counts. Don't lose a customer because of support issues. Be proactive in addressing issues before they are customer affecting. Be proactive in "touching base" with customers about new products and services.

    NewNet's Mobile Ticking System integrated with fault and monitoring systems will ensure a high level of service assurance by identifying problems before they affect the customer. Offer your customers a real "Service Level Agreement" (SLA) and give them instant satisfaction as they see through their "custom" Web Portal the reliability and performance in real-time that is directly related to their SLA.

  • Step 5: Reporting

    Are you winning or losing?

    To stay in business, you need to have a way of knowing when you are losing and when you are winning.

    NewNet's Operational Insights Reporting Services does just that. It integrates Customer and Network data into meaningful financial and operational reports.

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NewNet provides an ecosystem for efficient automation, execution of individual tasks and overall management of everything a provider needs to run operations. This proven platform manages dozens of processes that are unique to the industry.

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Our solution allows users to focus on the task. Need to create a new "project" in accounting system, do it here. Need to activate a device, do it here too. Unlimited push/pull capabilities from just about any system imaginable.

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A wealth of data awaits. Feedback is critical to monitoring and improving operations. Know your critical success metrics, learn about bottlenecks, fuel the optimization, view real time and aggregate information in our dashboards.

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